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oogsta in action

We’ve been talking to a lot of people over the last few weeks as we introduce oogsta and begin onboarding clients. As a valued member of the oogsta community we thought we would share with you some of the ways people are using or intend to use oogsta:  

“Its really important that we continually demonstrate added value and expertise to clients. We are a small business and have a range of clients in different sectors. As MD trying to find ways to sound smart on every industry is difficult. It can end up wasting valuable time chasing around for content. Getting specific info from our teams in-house and on the road will be great. Oogsta is really going to help me make the best use of the time I spend wearing my marketing hat!”. 

MD and Co-Founder of UK MSP  

Being able to track contributors versus recipients when I send out a request will be invaluable in terms of managing team engagement and identifying inactivity! The leaderboards and endorsements are going to be great in terms of motivating people As someone who manages virtual teams on specific initiatives Attendance on committees means nothing this measures contribution. I cant wait to deploy oogsta. 

European Director, Member communities 

“My team is talking to clients and hearing and learning about the real issues in our market everyday.  To now have a mechanism to feed in what we hear and learn is great. At the moment it’s really just guesswork and the content that we produce is based on what we think our clients need and want rather than first hand feedback from them via client engagement. Giving our account management and technical teams a voice would motivate them and really make a different to our marketing efforts. The fact that we can also reward them for their contributions and drive further engagement makes oogsta a no brainer.”. 

IT Director, US MSP  

Raising and maintaining awareness is essential to the success of any production. Getting content onto the screen is relatively simple. Collecting and co-ordinating content around a production is a lot more difficult.  

From the moment we start financing, through filming and editing and into promotion people are all over the place literally and metaphorically! Connecting consistently with this diverse range of talent would be brilliant. Tapping into the broadest range of expert opinion across a production would be fantastic in terms of engagement with audiences. Oogsta is going to be a real asset from pitch through to PR.” 

Film and TV Producer. Director, US Entertainment Company 

“I am responsible for all the teams – insight, data, and creative strategists – that are focused on advising and helping clients, globally. Before we introduced oogsta we had knowledge and client understanding all over the place! That knowledge tended to sit with the team doing the client delivery.  We would have instances where people were recreating the same content such as presentations and case studies repeatedly which resulted in inconsistencies and time wasted.  

From a sales perspective it was not easy for us to share our knowledge or transfer it to the team doing demand generation with the potential that opportunities were being missed.  Now when people ask where something is we just say “oogsta it”! 

Chief Client Officer, Predictive analytics company  

oogsta is just so easy to use. It’s a friendly and intuitive system that focuses in on subjects in a really clear way. I used to have loads of email and Slack threads which I would spend ages trawling through for useful files and facts. As someone who has to create a lot of different types of content from Case Studies and White papers to tweets and ghosted LinkedIn posts for my boss being able to easily access information and ask for more contributions on a topic is just great. I’m now able to spend less time being an administrator and focus more of my time being creative and generating original high quality content  – which is why I went into this role in the first place!”. 

PR and Content manager, Insights agency 

We hope this shared knowledge has helped you to understand a bit more of the possibilities and potential of using oogsta and perhaps inspire you to do similar. 

If you have any ideas or questions or to let us know how you are using your oogsta, please don’t hesitate to get into touch with us.