Idea management to drive sales

oogsta enables anyone in your network to contribute expert knowledge, ideas and insights which you can collate and manage all in one place. Utilise these insights to supercharge demand and drive sales. 

drive sales

Generate, develop & manage ideas

A leader in idea management software oogsta enables anyone in your network to contribute expert knowledge, ideas and insights which you can collate and manage all in one place. It works like this…

idea management


Members of your team and wider network who are experts in their specialist field can submit ideas on any given subject.

idea generation


Contributors can peer review and build upon these ideas, generating a continuous flow of authentic, trusted output.

idea management


Peer reviews and upticking enable you to be certain that all content you generate resonates with your target audience.
demand generation

Make oogsta central to your demand generation marketing strategy

Now more than ever, a centralised online solution for organising all of the ideas that you collect via email, spreadsheets and conversations with colleagues is essential for a successful content marketing strategy. As an idea management software solution, oogsta helps you keep track of everyone’s contributions in an easy to use, searchable dashboard.​

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