Crowdsourcing ideas and inspiration

The world doesn’t need another content marketing platform.

But it desperately needs trusted, quality input to fuel the ones that exist. Continuously.

Recognise this?

If you identify with any of the following, then we can help:

idea management


You struggle to produce a steady stream of authentic thought leader marketing content.

idea generation


You can’t easily access the knowledge of experts inside and outside your organisation.
idea management


You can’t reliably source, organise and ​store marketing content in one place​.

crowdsource content

Our Solution

By crowdsourcing contributions from colleagues and contacts you tap into a massively under-utilised marketing asset – the people around you. Collaborative peer reviewed idea generation involving your experts generates content that makes an impact.

A platform to contribute

Give your experts a voice, unlock the unique insights they have on your business and marketplace. Generate a continuous flow of authentic marketing content with our all in one idea generation and management platform.

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